We feel like ourselves again. It’s been many years since we felt good; we almost forgot what it felt like. Finding that optimal balance of hormones, vitamins, nutrition and exercise has really made the difference. We are looking forward to many more years of keeping up with our grandkids.
— Joan and Charlie (Hawaii)

100% of You

When you are performing at optimal levels, you know it.

You feel energetic, mentally sharp and more balanced. The way you feel and perform is based on body chemistry and DNA.

Integrated Genetic Solutions takes the guesswork out of the one-size-fits-all weight loss treatments and fad diets on the market today. We provide you with a comprehensive, tailored solution to optimize your unique body chemistry. 

Your personalized solution starts with laboratory-certified DNA and blood testing. Once your results are gathered, our algorithm reviews your unique composition of hormones, pre-hormones, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, minerals, proteins and various genetic markers.  

Based on the of characteristics that "make you, you," including gender, age, weight, and potential genetic variations; Integrated Genetic Solutions determines how to bring each component of your body chemistry from average to "your" optimal level. Our goal in restoring imbalances is to help unlock your real mental and physical potential.

Your doctor, using Integrated Genetic Solutions software, will recommend a personalized package of medications, NSF GMP-Certified supplements, and nutraceuticals along with a nutrition plan and exercise guide tailored just for you. 

Improved body chemistry can deliver optimal results; including better aesthetics, increased muscle-to-fat ratio, more energy, sharper mental acuity, better memory, and a longer life. Increasing the body's metabolism and exercise response can also help reduce stress and restore balance.

Unlock your code today and experience optimal body chemistry.

Integrated Genetic Solutions brings “Specific Data” to work for doctors

Analysis and treatment protocols that would normally take doctors 30 hours or more per patient are now available with a click of a mouse. Doctors using Integrated Genetic Solutions software can implement a level of personalized medical precision that is nearly impossible to achieve in practice today. The software does the work while continual laboratory testing maintains optimum balance as patients adapt and age. As a patient’s body chemistry shifts, so does the software. Allowing doctors to continually tailor a patient’s program over time.

Integrated Genetic Solutions brings “Specific Data” to work for doctors. Most of the data used to design the Integrated Genetic Solutions system is not bleeding edge or proprietary as it is in the public domain. Many years were spent researching medication protocols, prescription values and interactions, interviewing PhDs, and mathematically modeling systems of treatment. Integrated Genetic Solutions puts public domain medical research into a single complex software system that offers a simple solution.

In medicine today, treating patients that are not within normal limits (WNL) usually means large dosages of a single medication. Constraints on time and lack of detailed laboratory testing make this a reality for most doctors and patients. Usually, one reported problem equals one generic script. All of this is meant to be determined in one doctor visit lasting less than 6 minutes. This medical process is common but has a series of pitfalls:

  1. A Within Normal Limits (WNL) designation is an arbitrary number that covers two standard deviations of the published medication response and has little basis in an individual’s body chemistry.

  2. Single medications or solutions are proven failures for complex systems like the human body as evidenced by side effects.

  3. Standard dosages do not take into account gender, age, genetics, or all of the components in a patient’s body chemistry.

Integrated Genetic Solutions’ system focuses on bringing a patient to their unique optimal levels, with multiple simultaneous solutions and custom dosages that reflect medication dependencies and specific deficiencies. As an example; in some cases, doctors using Integrated Genetic Solutions software have seen patient’s hormonal and pre-hormonal values rise to optimal values without giving them any hormones. This is achieved by helping solve the underlying cause of the imbalance.

Integrated Genetic Solutions solves the “why“.


Personalized medicine is about optimizing each individual’s unique body chemistry. Body Chemistry is a balance of Hormones, Prehormones, Vitamins, Electrolytes, and Minerals.

Medically treating an individual really means; optimizing their unique body chemistry and maintaining that optimal balance throughout life. Without genetic information most treatments are one-size-fits-all.

Integrated Genetic Solutions can measure each individual’s unique body chemistry using genetic information and lab certified bloodwork. Giving doctors the power to medically treat imbalances through a personalized program of tailored pharmaceuticals, NSF GMP-certified supplements, vitamins, electrolytes, and nutraceuticals.

Continual analysis of the patient's response to gives doctors the ability to alter treatment in real-time. As life events change body chemistry, doctors can easily identify and treat deficiencies. Optimizing and maintaining body chemistry over time.


Take the guesswork out of one-size-fits-all treatments and fad diets. Discover the complete roadmap to tailored solutions based on your unique body chemistry. 

Your roadmap starts with laboratory certified DNA and blood testing. Researching the genetic markers and blood values that make up your body chemistry.

Using Integrated Genetic Solutions, doctors can isolate imbalances and underlying causes. Applying specific treatment programs with customized dosages of medications and supplements.

Personalized packages of medications, NSF GMP-certified supplements, and nutraceuticals along with nutrition plans and exercise guides tailored for you and based on your optimal body chemistry.

Optimal body chemistry can deliver better aesthetics, increased muscle to fat ratio, more energy, sharper mental acuity, better memory, and a longer life. 

Naturally increasing the body’s metabolism and exercise response while reducing stress and restoring balance.

Integrated Genetic Solutions programs are designed to return hormones, pre-hormones, vitamins, minerals, proteins and electrolytes to optimal levels. Unlock your code today and experience optimal body chemistry.

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