We feel like ourselves again. It’s been many years since we felt good; we almost forgot what it felt like. Finding that optimal balance of hormones, vitamins, nutrition and exercise has really made the difference. We are looking forward to many more years of keeping up with our grandkids.
— Joan and Charlie (Hawaii)

Integrated Genetic Solutions Brings “Specific Data” to Work for Healthcare Practitioners

Rigorous and comprehensive body chemistry analysis and calculating truly personalized treatment protocols is a multi-hour process for even the most experienced healthcare practitioners.

Now, with a few clicks of a mouse, healthcare practitioners using Integrated Genetic Solutions (IGS) can implement a level of personalized medical precision that is nearly impossible to achieve in practice today.

Most of the data used to design the Integrated Genetic Solutions system is not bleeding edge, nor proprietary. The data used for establishing target ranges and dosing recommendations is in the medical public domain. Significant time and resources were allocated researching medication protocols, prescription values and interactions, interviewing PhDs, and mathematically modeling systems of treatment. Integrated Genetic Solutions puts public domain medical research into a single system that offers a simple and remarkably time-saving solution.

In medicine today, treating patients that are not within normal limits (WNL) usually means large dosages of a single medication. Constraints on time and lack of detailed laboratory testing make this a reality for most doctors and patients. Usually, one reported problem equals one generic script. All of this is meant to be determined in one doctor visit lasting less than 6 minutes. This medical process is common but has a series of pitfalls:

  1. A Within Normal Limits (WNL) designation is an arbitrary number that covers two standard deviations of the published medication response and has little basis in an individual’s body chemistry.

  2. Single medications or solutions are proven failures for complex systems like the human body as evidenced by side effects.

  3. Standard dosages do not take into account gender, age, genetics, or all of the components in a patient’s body chemistry.

Integrated Genetic Solutions’ system focuses on bringing a patient to a set of "target" levels, with multiple simultaneous solutions and custom dosages that reflect medication dependencies and specific deficiencies.

As an example; practitioners using Integrated Genetic Solutions have seen patient’s hormone levels improve without the actual prescription of bio-identical hormones. This has been achieved through the recommendation of key fat-soluble vitamins, in addition to DHEA.

Instead of treating the symptom (low hormone levels), the IGS program attempts to solve the underlying cause of the imbalance.