Hypothyroidism is a common disorder characterized by inadequate amounts of thyroid hormones available to meet the need for thyroid at the cellular level. Typical symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, weight gain/obesity, depression, cold extremities, thin/friable nails, muscle aches, headaches, decreased libido, low basal body temperature (consistently below 98.6°F), weakness, cold intolerance, loss of temporal eyebrow hair, water retention, and dry skin… The incidence of thyroid dysfunction with its attendant cellular thyroid deficiency increases significantly with age.… Significant improvement in symptoms occurs


The data reviewed herein show that hormone replacement therapies improve some conditions associated with aging. Additionally, some of the long-held fears of significant side effects associated with hormone supplementation may be overstated, especially when providing patients with individualized care and optimal monitoring. We encourage clinicians to consider such interventions based on the evidence presented.More long-term studies are needed to further quantify and substantiate the risks and benefits associated with the use of such therapies.