Dr. Brett J. Earl is a Board Certified Physician.  He has practiced Emergency Medicine for over 15 years and over the last 5+ years has also practiced advanced integrative therapies specializing in Ozone, Prolozone, PRP, Nutrition, and Immune IV’s and Trauma. Dr. Earl received his Medical Degree in Family and Emergency Medicine from the University of Nevada, Reno. He has been prominently featured for his breakthrough remedies and published numerous times.  He serves on various Medical Boards in Utah.  After practicing Emergency Medicine for several years, and noting the limitations of traditional western medicine, he opted to study and practice integrative medicine.  He focuses on restoring health, preventing illness, and avoiding prescriptions and surgeries wherever possible. Dr. Earl served as a Life Flight Helicopter Physician and a Tactical Physician in Ohio and was an Ohio SWAT team member. Dr. Earl is a lifelong conservative and farms at his home in Utah. 



425 Medical Dr #212

Bountiful, UT 84010