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Dr. Valerie Donaldson

Dr. Valerie Donaldson is the Founder and Medical Director of Regenerative Medicine Center (RMC), a personalized concierge practice based on clinical scientific research data generated throughout the world. 

Graduating from Rush Medical College, Dr. Donaldson is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Stem Cell Therapy. 

RMC patients recognize Dr. Donaldson and her team's extraordinary passion to help empower patients to optimize their healthy lifestyles for body, mind, and spirit. The ultimate goal is to improve quality of life by providing patients with the knowledge and tools that engage health and wellness in all aspects of life. RMC's comprehensive treatments also include the evaluation and recommendations involving nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, medical skin care by her expert team, bio-identical hormone replacement, stem cell therapy, and meditation therapy. 
Regenerative Medicine Center
17 Brilliant Avenue - Suite 202a
Aspinwall, PA 15215